Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Myths and Misconceptions

“ Now that I am over forty and having issues with seeing clearly up close, I can no longer wear my contact lenses”

For many of us over forty we are starting to notices that close work has become more of an effort or next to impossible. And our arms can stretch the work out in front of us only so far. Unfortunately, there is nothing yet that can turn back the hands of time ( or give us longer arms ). However, the common held misconception that we all must now give up the contact lenses that we have loved since our teens is just not true. Several options exist that will allow a contact lens wearer to see both at distance and at near. Monovision designs that correct the dominant eye for distance and the non-dominant eye for reading work very well especially for people just beginning to notice a problem. Multifocal contact lenses that focus both a near and a distant image in each eye have really hit their stride in the last five to ten years. Nothing can return us to our 20 something eyesight but monovision and multifocal contact lens options can allow us to continue to wear contact lenses throughout most of our daily activities.