Eyestrain and Vision Solutions for Work-Computer Lenses

Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eyestrain and Vision Solutions for Work

Work is hard enough without additional strain on your eyes.  Yet your office is the very place where you’re most likely to suffer from eyestrain. It’s tough on your eyes to constantly shift focus between your desk, your computer screen, and your office surroundings.  Your eyes need help to see clearly and comfortably all day and every day.  Computer lenses for the office give you the best vision for your daily tasks and the most comfort for seeing at your workplace.  There are computer lenses that will help you see clearly up to 10 feet or more, so your eyes will stay comfortable through a long day at the office.  There are computer lenses that will give you clear vision up to 7 feet.  You will be able to see your computer, keyboard, monitor, and intermediate surroundings with ease.  All computer lenses give you an extra wide range of vision for the most comfort for your workplace. 

Guest Blogger:
Larry A. Heilman, F.N.A.O. with the Baltimore Washington Eye Center