Advances in Contact Lens Technology

Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Contact Lenses Technology Advances

The most recent advances in contact lenses have often come in material design. Manufacturers are always striving to find the healthiest and most comfortable materials. Silicone lenses historically had excellent transmission of oxygen through the lens to the eye. Unfortunately poor wettability and stiff lenses made for very poor comfort. The advent of silicone hydrogel lenses change all that. PureVsion and Night and Day lenses had unsurpassed oxygen transmission and reasonably good patient comfort. More recently continued advances have brought us silicone hydrogel lenses that are thinner, more flexible and even more comfortable. These newer lenses include Acuvue® Oasys®, Air Optix®, Avaira™ and Biofinity. In addition, improvements have been made in the PureVision and Night and Day lenses that further enhanced their comfort without sacrificing oxygen transmission. Many of these lens materials are also now available in designs that address astigmatism and presbyopia (a near vision issue that occurs after age forty requiring a multifocal design solution). This means that a wide variety of vision issues can now be addressed with these state of the art lenses, improving patients’ health, comfort and wear time.

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