Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to School Eye Exams at Baltimore Washington Eye Center

Another school year is here and as the kids head off to school many parents are scheduling yearly physicals. Now is also a good time of year to get a thorough check of the eyes. Many pediatricians and school districts do yearly vision screenings. These quick checks of visual acuity are merely that, screenings, and although they can sometimes detect problems and facilitate referrals they do not evaluate the visual system thoroughly.

When children are focused on learning we want to eliminate distractions. Poor vision, asymmetric vision, difficult focusing, and poor eye teaming are all issues that if undetected and untreated can impact a child's ability to attend to tasks and learn efficiently. A comprehensive eye exam including dilation will address all of these issues. For healthy children with no obvious visual complaints a routine exam every two years is recommended.
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