Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Eyeglasses-Proper Cleaning & Care Don’t Forget the Spare Pair

Your eyeglasses are an investment, so here are some great tips to remember:
·         Paper products should not be used to clean your eye glasses, unless they have been specifically designed for this use.  Most paper products contain wood fibers which may scratch the lenses and are too harsh for uncoated or specially coated lenses.
·         Warm water and mild dish soap with a soft cotton cloth is a wonderful cleaning option.  Products containing alcohol or ammonia should not be used as they may strip special coatings or discolor frames and lenses.
·         Pre-moistened lens clothes, which are easily tote able are also a great option for cleaning your eyewear.
General Care:
·         Prevent exposure to extreme heat or cold.
·         Use a hard shell case to ensure safety of your eyewear.
·         Use of a strap or band to hold your eyeglasses in place will help to prevent sudden loss which might happen during boating, athletic events or in everyday activities.
Also remember when traveling to take a spare pair!
Guest Blogger: Christine Spake, A.B.O.C. with the Baltimore Washington Eye Center