Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Amazing Vision with Astigmatism Implants

Forgot to mention a very happy patient we had this past week. She had suffered a previous retinal detachment requiring surgical repair. Subsequently, she developed a cataract. She was quite nearsighted with significant astigmatism in both eyes. She also had a smaller cataract in the eye that hadn't had a retinal surgery.

We decided to remove her cataracts and replace them with astigmatism(toric) correcting implants. We also gave her a modifed monovision, or blended vision, result. This would very likely enable her to use her computer without glasses as well as drive without glasses. Well, she is simply AMAZED at her result. One day after her second eye surgery last week, she asked "What did you do to my eye?" When I asked her what she meant, she said she not only could read the computer, she was seeing better than she had her entire life. Very satisfying moment for us to say the least. Pretty neat.