Baltimore Cataract Surgery-Am I Ready?

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baltimore Cataract Surgery-Am I Ready?

By the time you are asking me this question, you already suspect the answer.  You have probably already noticed a rapid or slow deterioration of vision.  It might have been night driving, problems reading road signs, reading, watching television. Glare, even when using sunglasses, keeps you indoors.  You slowly or rapidly curtail your activities, you stop going out at night, reading your favorite books or newspaper. You compromise to this problem by stopping the activities that provided you with quality of life.  You slowly give in, not admitting you have a problem.  But your life as you wanted it, is not the same.  It is very hard to admit that we stop doing the things we most enjoy, because we are "getting old".

You come in for your routine eye exam, and when questioned if you have any visual problems which curtail your activities, you might answer "no".  But when asked why you don't perform certain activities, you realize that you have stopped because you can't see well enough, to perform them.  If your decreased visual function is due to cataracts, they are part of the normal aging process.  You might be offered cataract surgery.  To most this comes as a shock! "Me? Cataracts? But I have no problems!" Of course you simply stopped doing what you were visually not comfortable doing.

The indication for cataract surgery is when your vision can no longer be corrected with visual aids to fulfill your visual requirements.  Of course, this is a personal subjective measure.  Our visual requirements change with age, profession and activities.  We no longer wait until the cataract is ripe or you are blind from the cataract.

I will discuss the result of your exam, the options, the type of surgery, the best type of intraocular lens for you and the benefits and risks.  We will also discuss the pre and post op instructions and what you can expect.

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Guest Blogger: Arturo E. Betancourt MD, F.A.C.S., Ophthalmologist with the Baltimore Washington Eye Center