Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Allergy Eyes Come Early to Baltimore

Looks like allergy season has arrived a bit early and that often means many folks have difficulty wearing their contacts. If this is a particular problem for you, consider reducing your wear-time, switching to part-time (i.e. only for sports, social events, weekends), replacing lenses more frequently, and using rewetting drops more often.

Another option is using daily disposable contacts. This alleviates the need for cleaning/caring for lenses as you start each day with a fresh pair of lenses. Use of  1-day lenses avoids the surface build-up of irritating allergens as well as eliminates exposure to the chemicals found in multipurpose disinfectant solutions. One day lenses are also less time consuming and more convenient than conventional replacement lenses.

A daily disposable contact lens is definitely worth considering. These type of lenses are available for people with astigmatism, too.