Saving Eye Sight in Baltimore

Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Saving Eye Sight in Baltimore

Saving eye sight at Baltimore Washington Eye Center is part of each and every day. I want to relate an episode that occurred recently in our clinic that I believe speaks volumes about the caliber of our staff. A very pleasant woman came to our office interested in LASIK. Interestingly, she had recently had an exam elsewhere for LASIK and was actually scheduled to have the procedure. On the day of her LASIK, that particular laser center experienced a technical problem, so her procedure was canceled. This was concerning enough for her to call us for a free LASIK consultation a week or so later. During her consult exam, one of our clinical technicians, Patty Yakel, noted that this patient had diminished peripheral vision in part of her right eye’s field of vision. This was something not noted on the record she brought from the previous laser center. This finding, along with the appearance of her right optic nerve led us to perform a formal, automated visual field test in our office. The visual field revealed a classic defect that was a result of glaucoma. Although we instituted eye drop therapy, we also referred her to our glaucoma specialist who confirmed the diagnosis and agreed with the treatment. Obviously, we recommended against her having an elective procedure like LASIK.

If this patient had undergone LASIK at the prior laser center and was subsequently found to have this field defect, she and others would have logically, although incorrectly, assumed that the LASIK had damaged her optic nerve. Furthermore, LASIK should not be performed on eyes with glaucoma. Fortunately, thanks to Patty’s skill as a technician, this woman’s eyesight will be preserved.  It is the kind of attention and skill exemplified by Patty that serves to underscore Baltimore Washington Eye Center’s commitment to providing the highest quality eye care. We give kudos to Patty.

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