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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baltimore Contact Lens Specialist & iPhone app

Baltimore Washington Eye Center Contact Lens Specialist Dr. Asifa Shafi asks, “Are you a contact lens wearer and a busy person? There may be an iPhone app that can help you wear your contacts more comfortably, conveniently and safely.” Dr. Shafi explained further, “When a contact lens wearer comes in for an eye exam, I ask them a few questions. First, how often do you change your lenses (open up a new vial)? What time do you insert your contact lenses in the morning? What time do you remove your contacts at night? What multipurpose solution do you use to clean and store your contacts? Do you sleep in your contacts? Are you having problems with your contacts? Do you clean your lenses daily? Are you happy with your contacts?”

Many patients tend to over wear their contact lenses. At Baltimore Washington Eye Center a few emergency patients come in daily with contact lens related problems. A surprising number of patients do not know how often they are changing their lenses and will approximate when questioned. On average, patients are wearing them longer than is clinically acceptable. “I have found patients extending their 2-week lenses to 3 to 4 weeks or longer. I have also observed patients extending their monthly contact lenses to 2 months or longer. I inform my patients that if they continue to abuse their contact lenses, that it is going to ‘catch up’ to them. When contact lenses are over worn patients are at increased risk for eye infections, allergies to the contact lenses, prescription changes, corneal changes-such as new blood vessel growth on the cornea, and a drop in vision which cannot be corrected with glasses or contact lenses,” said Dr. Shafi.

It is quite important for patients to change their contact lenses the 1st of every month, if they are wearing a 1 month disposable lens. If they are wearing a 2-week disposable lens change them the 1st and 15th of every month. The easiest solution is to be fit into a daily contact lens and then discard the lens daily. This is convenient but usually expensive.

However if those options don’t work out there’s an iPhone app for it. The app is “Contact Lens Tracker” by Aszart. This allows the patient to track when a vial is opened. The patient enters how often the lenses need to be changed, which is provided by the eye care professional (Optometrist, National Contact Lens Examiner Certified Technician or Ophthalmologist). A button is clicked “Open New Packet”, when a new contact lens is used. A “+1” button is used to add each day the contact lenses are worn. This is a helpful app for busy patients to track the use of their contact lenses. Contact Lens Tracker by Aszart is available on iTunes for 99 cents for the iPhone and iPad.

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