LASIK in Baltimore-Less Glasses & More Life

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

LASIK in Baltimore-Less Glasses & More Life

Baltimore Washington Eye Center shared a patient story about LASIK and glasses:
“I was scared, and at the same time I was so excited”. Those were the words that Mrs. Dianne Guy quoted to me just hours after her LASIK surgery. Dianne has been dependent on her eye glasses since early childhood. Now at 50ish, it was time to consider the procedure that would allow her to discard her bifocal “coke bottles” that cost her at least $350.00 annually. This epiphany came to her just weeks prior to the early Friday morning surgery. The story has it, that on a weekday evening she was walking her 1 year old dog, Casper, when Dianne lost her footing and fell, striking a curb and sliding on asphalt as her glasses were jettisoned from her face. On the ground and not being able to reorient herself, she literally started searching for her specs by feeling around until she located them. Now having to trek for almost a mile back home with what appeared to be a broken wrist, multiple cuts and bruises, her ordeal culminated by her spending the remaining part of the evening in an urgent care facility. While waiting for x-ray results, Dianne said that she “never really realized the dependency she had on her glasses until now”. At that point, Dianne said to me, “I want to be evaluated for LASIK.”

The evaluation was easy. Baltimore Washington Eye Center LASIK Surgeon Brad Spagnolo, M.D. completed an extensive eye exam. This exam allowed Dr. Spagnolo to determine the viability of LASIK surgery. Moments after her exam, she walked out of the room with a smile as big as day. Before she could get a word out Sharon announced “she’s a candidate!” I don’t think Dianne could have told me anyway, she was grinning too hard. This was a surprise for both of us, because we thought her astigmatism would be too difficult to correct with LASIK. The procedure was scheduled for two weeks from that day.

The simple pre-op process makes LASIK easy according to Dianne. As she exited the surgery suite, Dianne looked at the clock on the wall as instructed and for the first time in her life without eyeglasses said, “Oh my Goodness it’s 9:30.” At that moment it was worth everything. “I was extremely anxious and praying the procedure would go well. A sense of calm came over me suddenly when I realized this is a controlled setting that would give me freedom from glasses 24/7, independence and no longer feeling vulnerable. Now I have added another thing to my bucket list...snorkeling,” said Dianne L. Guy.

The conversation on the way home was that of excitement and eagerness to try out her new eyes. In reality, she got home and slept like a rock for hours. The regimen of eye medications is monotonous, but necessary task that keeps the patient comfortable and promotes the healing process. The frequency and number of drops lessen as the days go on, unless you begin to enjoy the isotonic drops used to moisten the eye, which seems to be the case with Dianne.

Almost immediately it was time to enjoy her parole from eyeglasses, by purchasing what else, but sunglasses. Now several months post Lasik surgery Dianne is a happy camper. She is still finding things to exclaim about, like seeing the band at a concert without using the video screens or actually seeing road signs before she is right on top of them. Dianne has also found a friend in cosmetics for the first time in our life together. Her eyesight prohibited her from not only applying makeup but seeing the results through her glasses. The last time she wore eye makeup was at our wedding and that had been applied by someone else. I am a big fan of her new look. I now tell her all the time how pretty her eyes are. The next thing she can’t wait for is to watch a Baltimore Ravens game without squinting through her glasses.

Guest Blogger: Tom Guy (Dianne’s Husband)-Baltimore Washington Eye Center Ambulatory Surgical Center

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