Ravens Fan gets PRK from Steelers Fan-A WIN-WIN for the History Books

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ravens' Fan gets PRK from Steelers’ Fan: A WIN-WIN for the History Books

Baltimore Ravens

Pittsburgh Steelers

I have to share my story of how a Ravens' Fan had PRK from Steelers’ Fan resulting in a Win-Win for the History Books.

I wanted to share the wonderful and life-changing experience I had and continue to enjoy upon having PRK laser eye surgery in January 2010, as a patient of Dr. Spagnolo (“Dr S.”) and the top notch services of the staff at the Baltimore Washington Eye Center.

I’m age 50, and had worn glasses and contacts since I was age 16, I had experienced continued dry eye and general lack of comfort from wearing contacts for such a long time, additionally in my late 40’s I began to wear reading glasses over my contacts for my everyday work as a paralegal while using a computer. I was 100% dependent upon wearing my contacts or glasses, for everyday needs (shaving, or simply looking in a bathroom mirror) and had to ensure I always carried along all my contact lens solutions any time I traveled. Before meeting with Dr. “S”, I was told on two separate appointments by another laser eye specialist that my eye cornea tissue was too thin to be a candidate for basic LASIK surgery, and nothing could be done for me. They never mention PRK. So I figured I was left with wearing glasses or contact lenses the rest of my life. I happened to meet Dr. “S” as a result of him treating my mother for cataract eye surgery, and I mentioned to his staff of my prior LASIK eye exam history. His staff scheduled me an appointment to meet him for testing. I was placed through a rigorous battery of testing and a very thorough exam by Dr. “S ”, who explained the differences between LASIK and PRK, and that I in fact I was a candidate for PRK, if I choose to do so. He also, explained that PRK did involve a slightly longer healing recovery time frame as compared to LASIK. They were professionally straight forward, but were also very reassuring that he had performed numerous PRK procedures with excellent results.

I returned home for the next few weeks and read over their material and did my own internet research and decided to “go for it.” I had surgery on a Friday, and yes, I did have a tough 12-24 hrs of scratchy eyes, sensitivity to light, and less than perfect vision (all of which I was advised that I’d experience) . I had my initial follow up appointment on Monday and (I could’ve driven to the appointment myself), but chose to be a passenger in a car. For the first time, in 30 yrs or more, I could see all the road signs without wearing contacts or glasses! I resumed work by Tuesday and by the end of the week had greater than 85% clear vision and within two weeks had 20/20, and for the first time in a long time, I could see very well at night without any halo effects, etc.. I do continue to wear reading glasses for computer use and small print, but to have 20/20 vision otherwise has been a life changing experience, especially for someone such as I who is a weekend long distance cyclist. (My wife advised I’m to say I can “see” her prettier today than 20 yrs ago...LOL)

You can expect wonderful and friendly professional caring services by trusting BW Eye Center. (As a Ravens fan, I still trusted Dr. “S”, who is a Steelers fan, now that speaks volumes!)

Guest Blogger: John T. Gorman

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