Free Cataract Surgery in Baltimore for Needy

Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Monday, June 24, 2013

Free Cataract Surgery in Baltimore for Needy

Baltimore Washington Eye Center is pleased to acknowledge Arturo E. Betancourt, M.D., Medical Director for his 25th anniversary of providing eye care and surgery in our community. Dr. Betancourt is recognized as one of the leading cataract surgeons in the area and has restored vision to thousands of cataract patients since 1988. “During the last 25 years I have witnessed tremendous advances in cataract surgery and lens implants and have been thrilled to be a part of changing patients’ lives by restoring their vision with modern cataract surgery at Baltimore Washington Eye Center,” commented Arturo Betancourt, M.D.

“To celebrate his 25 years of service to the community Dr. Betancourt has asked that Baltimore Washington Eye Center sponsor free cataract surgical services to 25 needy individuals whose vision is impaired by cataracts. To that end, we are requesting your assistance in identifying candidates to receive this offer by Dr. Betancourt. For those candidates that qualify Dr. Betancourt will perform the surgery in our on-site, nationally accredited ambulatory surgery center at absolutely no cost to the patient. In addition, all pre-operative and post-operative prescription medications will be provided at no cost to the patient,” explained Phillip Harrington, Administrator.

“What I know today is that when I perform cataract surgery and lens implants I can make a really meaningful difference in lives. Sometimes we think poor vision from cataracts just affects eyesight-but what we know is that poor vision from cataracts increases patients’ risk of falling and hip fracture as well as accelerates their cognitive decline. I am thankful to be able to help people enjoy their daily lives without these challenges,” shared Dr. Betancourt.

If you or someone needy that you know wishes to find out more about free cataract surgery and lens implants at Baltimore Washington Eye Center please call Juanita Persaud at 800-495-3937 and ask us any questions you might have about cataracts, cataract surgery and lens implants or visit us at, on Facebook at