The Magic of Monovision for Cataracts

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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Magic of Monovision for Cataracts

Four years ago, Dr. Spagnolo removed a cataract in my left eye and replaced the clouded lens with a near-vision artificial lens, which was effective for my close-up work as a radiologist and also for reading. May right eye at the time was ok, but required glasses for distance vision, driving, movies, TV, etc. I had worn glasses for over 50 years.

One day recently, I was driving and for the heck of it, covered my left eye to check some slight fuzziness of my vision. I was astonished to find that my right eye was almost blind. I couldn’t read the big signs on the road. All my vision seemed to depend on my corrected left eye. Soon after, I came to the BWEye office to have this checked. I was again shocked when tests showed that, using my right eye only, I could not even recognize the top-line big “E” on the vision chart.
But, the best part is what I now assume the doctor was planning for me four years ago, although he didn’t mention it to me then. For this second cataract, the one in my right eye, he put in an artificial lens for distance vision. Left eye – near vision. Right eye – distance vision. I don’t wear glasses anymore – after 50 years of wearing them. This doesn’t work for everyone. But it’s great if it does.
Thank you, Dr. Spagnolo and all your wonderful staff.

Guest Blogger: Stewart Axelbaum
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