Wedding Eyes with LASIK

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wedding Eyes with LASIK

Still to this day, I can remember my very first eye exam at the ripe ol’ age of 16. I thought I had good eyes but apparently not from what my exam revealed. So my first pair of glasses was purchased and then……… not worn much, if at all. Fast forward about 8 years to my 2nd ever eye exam and yes, another prescription for glasses. I had not worn glasses in so long, that when I finally purchased my first pair in almost 8 years I was a little rusty at taking care of them and wearing them all the time. Frustration set in as my FiancĂ© and I were sitting at the table discussing our wedding plans I was thinking to myself, do I really have to wear my glasses at our wedding? Then thinking to myself, well yes if I even want to see my future husband at the other end of the isle I will certainly wear them. But then I continued to think they just did not look right with my wedding gown. As I arrived at work the next morning at Baltimore Washington Eye Center I had the thought of trying contact lenses so I wouldn’t have to wear my glasses during the wedding. My experience with contact lenses was horrible, well at least for me it was. Dr Shafi must have tried everything on me for me to be able to continue to wear them. After the millionth time of trying to find the right one I finally just gave up. I remember talking with Dr Spagnolo and Sharon about LASIK and I must say I was a little nervous about it. As time came closer and closer to my wedding date I finally gave in and became excited about having a LASIK consult. When Dr Spagnolo told me I was a candidate and he would do the procedure, I became so excited! Finally it was February 1st and it was LASIK day! As nervous as I could be, everything went great! I woke up after my long nap and I could see!!! 4 months later, June 1st had finally arrived and I was on my way down the aisle toward my future husband and I could see him as clear as could be! Glasses free and contact lens free!!! All the hassle gone!!! My wedding day turned out as perfect as could be thanks to my new eyes!!
Guest Blogger: Lena Schier 

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