LASIK Stories from BW Eye Center

Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Thursday, January 16, 2014


From glasses first thing in the morning to driving without them for the first time!
From fearful to freedom.

From "I’ve thought about this for so long," to “I should have done it sooner.”
Firefighters, motorcyclists, marksmen, snowboarders, cyclists, scuba divers, students, professors,  single parents, police officers, engineers, pilots,  teachers, cancer survivors, care givers, administrative assistants, service members, skateboarders, golfers, tennis players, runners, swimmers, photographers, adventurers,  and the list goes on.

Mike writes:
Very professional and thorough, they took far more time explaining and preparing me for the process than the actual operation itself.  At no point before, during, or after my treatment have I had the slightest doubt that the doctor and his staff care about me and the results that I receive.   They took as much time reassuring my wife as they did me; a great experience.  I highly recommend them.

Dawn writes:
I had a wonderful experience at BWEye!  Dr. Spagnolo was amazing!  My eyesight is 20/20 now and I couldn’t be happier!  I thank God everyday that I went through with it and I tell everyone how worth it it is.  The entire staff was great – like family!

Ian writes:

As a professional who relies on having 20/20 or better vision the results I have had from having my LASIK procedure done by BW Eye are nothing short of amazing.  Going from a vision ability of 20/count fingers to 20/10 (but I think it’s better than that) was worth every penny!  Thanks again BWEye.  I just wish I had had my procedure done sooner!