Backup Eyeglasses for Contact Lens Wearers

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Backup Eyeglasses for Contact Lens Wearers

It is more important than one might think for contact lens wearers to have a pair of backup eyeglasses. Contact lens wearers usually prefer contacts over glasses because get in the way of activities or sports. Also, some people just prefer the look of contact lenses. Regardless of the reason for wearing contacts, it is always important to “give your eyes a break”. Many eye care professionals recommend that contact lens wearers have a backup pair of eyeglasses in order to help protect eyes. There are several reasons that backup eyeglasses are important for contact lens wearers. For example, if you get an eye infection such as pink eye conjunctivitis, or suffer spring allergies-you should not wear your contact lenses! In fact eye infections occur less with people who have backup glasses because those people are more likely to wear the backup glasses instead of continuing to wear contact lenses when they have an irritation in their eye. Another important reason to have a backup pair of glasses is just to give your eyes a break. Your eyes need oxygen and from time to time allowing your eyes to take a break from contacts is helpful in this regard.

Danielle Jones, A.B.O.C.

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