LASIK Story from BWEC

Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Sunday, November 23, 2014

LASIK Story from BWEC

From counting fingers vision to driving without glasses!
From no peripheral vision to seeing far and wide.
From I’ve thought about this for so long to “I should have done it sooner”
From encumbered with contacts, solutions, backup glasses, and prescription sunglasses to nothing but simplicity. Freedom from glasses and contacts is what we provide our patients with LASIK every week. 

Cyclist, scuba divers, students, professors,  single parents, police officers, engineers, dentists, nurses, teachers, cancer survivors, military service members, skateboarders, golfers, tennis players, runners, swimmers, photographers,  and the list goes on.

John writes:

What a life changing experience!  I have been extremely near- sighted since I was 5 years old and have been wearing corrective lenses, first glasses then contacts, for over 40 years.  And now, after a short and pain-free procedure, I have 20/20 vision without the use of contacts or glasses!  For over 10 years I wanted to have my vision corrected.  I was always afraid to go to a laser vision center because I didn’t want to go to a doctor I didn’t know, have a serious procedure performed and be shown the door after a few follow-up visits.  

However, three years ago I became a regular patient of Baltimore Washington Eye Center and Dr. Spagnolo has been my eye doctor ever since.  I finally chose to have LASIK because I trusted Dr. Spagnolo and the entire Baltimore Washington Eye Center team.  I can’t even adequately describe how wonderful Dr. Spagnolo and the entire staff were throughout the process, from evaluation through procedure follow-up, but particularly on the day of the procedure. I was a little nervous, but they quickly put me at ease with their friendly, personal (everyone knew me by first name), yet professional demeanor.  I couldn’t be more pleased and highly recommend choosing Dr. Spagnolo and the Baltimore Washington Eye Center not only for LASIK but as a complete eye care practice.