Advances in Cataract Surgery at Baltimore Washington Eye Center

Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Monday, December 15, 2014

Advances in Cataract Surgery at Baltimore Washington Eye Center

Alcon® CEN-TURION® Vision System
Baltimore Washington Eye Center

“Our ongoing commitment to providing world class cataract surgery to Baltimore and D.C.
patients was recently demonstrated by incorporating the Alcon® LensSx® Femtosecond Laser into our eye surgery center so that our cataract surgeons can offer patients laser cataract surgery and lens implants in a more precise, gentle and reproducible cataract operation. Now, we're taking the next step to further refine safety and outcomes for patients by using the Alcon® CENTURION® VisionSystem to perform the actual lens removal portion of the surgery,” explained Arturo Betancourt, M.D., Medical Director and Cataract Surgeon at Baltimore Washington Eye Center. Corneal Specialist and Cataract Surgeon Brad Spagnolo,M.D. further explained, “This is the only lens removal system to utilize Active Fluidics™ which is an innovation that allows us to create and maintain a consistent and stable fluid environment inside the eye while performing the actual cataract removal or phacoemulsification portion of the procedure. Maintaining control over the fluid environment during every moment of the cataract procedure helps us to further improve safety and outcomes for our patients.”

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