Crizal® Prevencia Eyeglass Lens

Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Crizal® Prevencia Eyeglass Lens Offers Protection from Harmful Blue Light and UV Rays

The Crizal® Prevencia eyeglass lens represents the efforts of Essilor and the Paris Vision Institute resulting in a major innovation based on a four-year research program. The team was able to identify with a high degree of accuracy the portion of the visible light spectrum that is harmful to target retinal cells.

Blue light emitted by the sun and also by artificial light sources such as LEDs, computers or smart phones plays a beneficial role on health. It helps regulate your sleep and wake cycle and aids in memory, mood and brain functions. However, a specific band of this light might have a harmful effect on the eyes.

Crizal® Prevencia was developed by Essilor to protect the eye from wavelengths that contributes to the degeneration of retinal cells while allowing beneficial blue light to pass through. The new category of preventive lenses was developed using Light ScanTM an exclusive technology which filters light selectively by letting beneficial blue light pass through, by filtering out harmful blue-violet rays that can contribute to Aged-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), as well as, Ultraviolet rays, an important cause of Cataracts, all while maintaining the transparency of the lens.

The battle against these eye diseases is targeted at the entire population. However, the 1.3 billion children and 1.9 billion over 45s are currently more vulnerable to blue-violet light. During childhood, the eye is very transparent and lets all visible light and some ultraviolet rays pass through to the retina; after 45, the eye’s natural defense system is weakened. Projections show that there will be 3.7 billion people aged 45 and over in 2050.

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