Is Laser Cataract Surgery Gentler?

Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Is Laser Cataract Surgery Gentler?

Patients visiting Baltimore Washington Eye Center for cataract surgery sometimes wonder why we often suggest that laser cataract surgery might be a preferred choice for their eye surgery procedure. We make this recommendation based on the health of their eyes and the safest, most predictable and most gentle approach to removing a cataract.

Dr. Betancourt Performing Laser Cataract Surgery
Our own experience at Baltimore Washington Eye Center is consistent with researchers reporting in the Journal of Refractive Surgery, that laser cataract surgery does indeed allow for a gentler cataract surgery procedure. While there is really little to no difference between manual cataract surgery and laser cataract surgery in your uncorrected distance visual acuity after surgery, the laser cataract surgery is gentler on the cornea and causes less loss of fragile corneal endothelial cells and less corneal swelling from the cataract surgery. Also, the amount of time required for the more intense parts of the cataract surgery procedure-chopping, fragmenting and removing the cataract are significantly lower with the laser cataract surgery and help us to give you a quicker visual recovery.

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