LASIK Affordable with Tax Refunds & Deductions

Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Sunday, March 15, 2015

LASIK Affordable with Tax Refunds & Deductions

“At Baltimore Washington Eye Center we want to make LASIK affordable for anyone who wants to minimize their dependence on eyeglasses and contacts for seeing at distance. Being a LASIK patient myself, I have personally realized the benefits of clear vision and contribution to my quality of life,” shared Jeff Trimmer, Practice Administrator. “To that end for anyone considering LASIK, they need to take advantage of any tax deduction for LASIK that might be available to them. Also, for those who have already filed their tax returns and who might be expecting a refund, this is good time to schedule a consultation to see if LASIK might be something you want to use your tax refund for.”

About LASIK Tax Deductions
Depending on your personal income and how much you have already spent on medical costs in a tax year, it is possible that LASIK eye surgery might be a deductible medical expense. “Each LASIK patient should ask their personal tax advisor, preparer or C.P.A. for professional advice about their individual situation,” noted Mr. Trimmer.

If you think you might be eligible for a tax refund and want to consider using it to pay for LASIK, there are some simple steps to take. First, after filing your tax return keep in mind that the U.S. Department of Treasury takes only about three weeks or so to process your return and send you a refund check. This is a good time to schedule your complimentary consultation with a LASIK surgeon to find out if LASIK is the best vision correction option for your eyes and lifestyle. At this consultation you and your surgeon can determine if, how and when to proceed to schedule your LASIK surgery. “I was one of the really lucky people,” remarked Mr. Trimmer. “Not only was I a good LASIK candidate, but my refund was sufficient to cover the cost and most of weekend trip to go scuba diving without having to worry about my contacts.”

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about whether they are a candidate for LASIK, they should schedule an free LASIK Consultation at Baltimore Washington Eye Center by calling 800-495-3937, visiting Baltimore Washington Eye Center or

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