Dry Eye Help with TearLab®

Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dry Eye Help with TearLab®

The eye doctors at Baltimore Washington Eye Center are pleased to be able to help dry eyes with state of the art dry eye test called TearLab® to accurately diagnose and monitor dry eye problems and the effectiveness of treatments they can prescribe. The accurate diagnosis of dry eyes or dry eye disease requires a thorough eye exam with one of the eye doctors at Baltimore Washington Eye Center.

We will ask you to describe your dry eye symptoms and the impact they have on your daily life. Then we will take the time to carefully review your medical history, eye history and eye conditions including any medications that you are taking. Tear osmolarity has been shown to have the best predictive value for diagnosing dry eye disease of any single test. Baltimore Washington Eye Center is an accredited TearLab® Dry Eye Center. The TearLab® Osmolarity Test uses a sophisticated “lab on a chip technology” to test a tiny tear sample to measure the salt content in the tears. We will test both eyes, and will take the highest number of the two tests, to generate your osmolarity number which gives the doctors a meaningful measure of the health and stability of the protective tear film that covers the surface of your eyes.

In addition we will observe your tear production by using a specialized microscopic technique to observe the height of the tear film, as well as a clinical test called a Schirmer Test and may also use specially formulated dyes such as Fluorescein, Lissamine and Rose Bengal to help evaluate the functioning of the various layers of the tear film as well as the underlying surface of the eye. This is not uncomfortable and will not interfere with your vision.

Treatment of Dry Eye Problems
From this information we can determine the severity of the dry eye disease that you suffer from and make necessary treatment recommendations that might include artificial tears, tiny punctal plugs, prescription eye drops such as Restasis®, anti-inflammatory eye drops, antibiotics and even diet supplements. Then using TearLab® we can monitor your progress and make sure you get the help and relief you need.

If you or someone you know is bothered by dry eyes, please feel free to call Baltimore Washington Eye Center at 800-495-3937, visit Baltimore Washington Eye Center or facebook.com/baltimorewashingtoneyecenter.

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