Cataract Awareness & Information

Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cataract Awareness & Information

Since June is Cataract Awareness Month, the cataract surgeons at Baltimore Washington Eye Center want to remind seniors to have regular eye exams and be aware of the symptoms of cataracts which may include a clouding or blurring of vision, sensitivity to light and glare, double vision or shadowing in one eye, fading or yellowing of colors and poor night vision, sometimes with haloes around lights. We encourage anyone experiencing these symptoms not to ignore these symptoms of cataracts or vision loss as delaying diagnosis and treatment of age-related cataracts can increase seniors' risk of both physical and psychological problems.

At Baltimore Washington Eye Center we try to make sure that patients know when we perform cataract surgery and lens implants, we are not simply concerned about vision correction, as vision loss among seniors has much greater impact than just seeing. Unfortunately, vision loss in seniors often leads to social isolation, depression, mental decline and can even increase the risk of falling and hip fracture. That is why when we are providing eye exams for seniors-and we see the formation of a cataract, or the patient expresses the symptoms of cataracts-we spend time to carefully explore the quality of life impact that this may be having on the patient. We are very sensitive as to whether the patient is starting to experience compromise in their mobility, safety and personal living and care status-and we encourage them to share this with us. If and when they indicate a decline in their quality of life we can offer them cataract surgery and lens implants as a solution-which makes a huge improvement in their vision and ability to continue to walk, drive, read, exercise and just be out and about with family and friends.

If you or someone you know has questions about cataracts, laser cataract surgery or lens implants, you are encouraged to schedule an eye examination at Baltimore Washington Eye Center by calling 800-495-3937, visiting Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Google+ or

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