Anti-Reflective Coated Eyeglass Lenses

Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Anti-Reflective Coated Eyeglass Lenses

By: Karen Walker
The standard regular uncoated lens allows approximately 92% of light to pass through the eyeglass lens. This leaves about 8% of the light transmission lost to reflections. This is especially a problem in low light situations, such as night time driving. As the lens materials and powers change the percentage of lost light transmission increases. This is where and Anti-Reflective or A/R lens becomes very advantageous. By coating the front and back surfaces, the amount of light lost to reflections is less than 1%. The more light allowed to pass though the eyeglass lens, enables better vision.

Cosmetically the Anti-Reflective coated lenses look virtually transparent and more attractive. This allows the wearers eyes and facial expressions to be seen much easier. This is great for anyone who works under lots lights, computers or does a lot of presentations.

Today’s technology has greatly improved, making the durability of the lens superior. The coating consists of multiple microscopic layers of metallic oxides. There are lots of different types of coatings to fit most budgets. Premium coatings have additional Hydrophobic and or Oleophobic layers added for ease in cleaning and repelling water.

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