$999 Bladeless LASIK Summer Price!

Baltimore Washington Eye Center, Maryland

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

$999 Bladeless LASIK Summer Price!

LASIK surgeons at Baltimore Washington Eye Center are thrilled to announce a special LASIK summer price of $999 per eye for Bladeless LASIK. As patients get ready for an active summer, we wanted to give them the opportunity to enjoy the season without the hassle of eyeglasses and contact lenses-so we decided to offer a limited time special LASIK promotion for those who have been thinking about it-but just needed a reason to do it now.

With a thorough and careful examination and consultation of interested patients, our experience with Bladeless LASIK gives us a great option for vision correction-so we wanted to help patients comfortably fit this within their budgets. The first and most important step is to find out if patients have the proper motivation, expectations and eye health to great results. We of course see each and every patient personally-before-during and after their laser eye surgery to make sure they get the best possible results for their eyes.

To find out if Bladeless LASIK might be a vision correction option for you, patients are encouraged to schedule a free consultation by calling Baltimore Washington Eye Center 410-991-3768. Bladeless LASIK summer pricing of $999 per eye will only be available to those patients having their consultation by August 31, 2016 and their treatment by September 30, 2016.