Treatment of Lazy Eye or Amblyopia

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Monday, June 13, 2016

Treatment of Lazy Eye or Amblyopia

Treatment of Amblyopia
The best results are always achieved if the treatment of amblyopia is started as early as possible. If necessary, children with refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism can wear glasses or contact lenses when they are as young as one week old. Children with cataracts or other “amblyogenic” conditions need to be treated promptly in order to minimize the development of amblyopia. One of the most important treatments of amblyopia is correcting the refractive error with consistent use of glasses and/or contact lenses. Other mainstays of amblyopia treatment include cataract removal to provide as clear an image as possible for the lazy eye; as well as forcing the child to use the lazy eye by patching or by blurring the better seeing-eye with eye drops. Eye drops are used to “penalize” the good eye and force the use of the weaker or amblyopic eye. We may be able to use eye drops instead of patching when the amblyopia is not very bad or when a child is unable to wear the patch as recommended. For mild to moderate degrees of amblyopia, studies have shown that patching or eye drops may be just about equally effective. Generally, we start to see improvements in vision within weeks of treatment however for optimal results it will be necessary to continue treatment for many months.

In some cases, treatment for amblyopia isn’t successful and, while it is difficult to stop treatment, it is recommended when there hasn’t been any measured benefit after a certain period time. Children who have amblyopia in one eye and good vision only in their other eye can wear safety glasses and sports goggles to protect the normal eye from injury. As long as the good eye stays healthy, these kids can and do function normally in most aspects of their lives.

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